Get a personalised quote for your wedding, christening or other special occasion, a bespoke package designed to your exact needs at a price you can afford.

Please just give us a few brief details about your plans and we will provide a personalised quote:

1. What is the date and where is the venue (or venues)?
2. Would you like full-day or part-day coverage?
3. Would you like to have one photographer or would you prefer two photographers?
4. Would you like your images presented in an album, on a CD or would you prefer to have both?
5. Would you like to have a high-definition video of your ceremony and/or other key moments?

Or see our Price List for wedding packages.

Special rates are often available to serving and retired members of the armed forces, emergency services, caring professions and anyone with a registered disability. We travel to all venues in England and Wales at our own cost, and elsewhere by special arrangement.

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